Past Exhibitions > "Collage Explorations" Works by Sharon Stauffer

"Haughty Lady"
Mixed Media Collage on Cardled Panel
10 x 10 inch
Figure Collage 2
Mixed Media Collage on Board
6.6 x 4.5 in

Collage Explorations

I have always loved to draw, mostly figures and portraits. Then about 15 years ago I took a collage class. When the instructor glued down some collage papers and then PAINTED over them, my mind was blown. It had never occurred to me that you could actually paint OVER collage. I loved it. I was hooked.

Since that fateful class I have experimented with various approaches to collage, from collages that rely on the inherent interest in old papers, to collages that are glazed with layers of acrylic paint, to highly textural collages incorporating 3-D elements, to collages employing acrylic mediums to achieve encaustic effects. But above all, a main objective has been to incorporate my rather representational drawings into decidedly non-representational collages. And to have some fun along the way.

This exhibit represents my explorations into the possibilities of collage.

Sharon Stauffer
March 2019